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  • Valuable Analytics

  • Effective Participation & Engagement Strategies

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Weight Management Solutions

Valuable Analytics

Effective Participation &
Engagement Strategies

Measurable ROI

1-on-1 Registered Dietitian weight loss programs targeted at those who need it most and cost your company the most. Selvera uses our proprietary EmpowerMe CBT Lifestyle Plan to drive behavior and lifestyle change that results in rapid weight loss that lasts. Our unique weight loss approach is effective with more than 90% of participants.
Using Selvera’s wireless tracking devices and analytics platform, Selvera is able to quantify the program’s impact on your company and employees while also providing unique insight into potential health and wellness risks at the individual and population levels. Fully HIPAA compliant, Selvera can coordinate care with your occupational health team, primary care physicians and specialists and can both send and receive participant data to improve care from all providers.
Wellness programs that don’t engage your employees, or engage only your healthiest employees have a limited impact on the health of your employees and company. More than 80% of health insurance claims costs are incurred by the 20% of your unhealthiest employees. Selvera works with you to design a comprehensive and ongoing engagement campaign to identify, target and engage with these employees using your existing biometric screening or health care claims data, relevant and interactive content, incentives and rewards, and challenges.
Per employee per month pricing provides visibility into the total cost of the program, while a portion of the cost of the Selvera program is contingent upon achieving pre-determined engagement and success metrics. We start by partnering with your team to define success and we hold ourselves accountable.

Wearable Devices

Accessible Fitness Tracking Devices:
  • Bluetooth Connected Body Composition Scales
  • Bluetooth Connected Activity & Sleep Trackers

Same Functionality as Leading Wearable Devices at a Fraction of the Cost

Selvera Support

Selvera Support 1-on-1 Weight Loss Programs Include:
  • 1-on-1 Registered Dietitian Consultations
  • Video Consultations and Flexible Scheduling
  • Personalized Program for Each Unique Employee

Selvera Circle

Selvera Circle Includes:
  • Weekly Group Video Counseling (Accessible To Everyone, Everywhere!)
  • Monthly 1-on-1 Consultations with a Registered Dietitian
  • Great Option for "Reasonable Alternative"

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