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How Selvera Works

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When you join, you are matched with a dedicated Registered Dietitian who will consult with you weekly or biweekly. Your Registered Dietitian will customize a nutrition, activity, and lifestyle plan just for you. Best of all, you can complete your consultations from anywhere by phone or video!

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As part of your membership, Selvera will send you a wireless scale and pedometer that provide you and your Registered Dietitian unique insight into your weight-loss progress. Even better, after you’ve achieved your weight-loss goal, your Registered Dietitian will automatically receive an alert if something doesn’t look right – and will proactively intervene at no additional cost! The scale and pedometer are yours to keep and use!

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Working with your Registered Dietitian, you can choose to take advantage of Selvera’s curated line of home-delivered meals. Our delicious meals are convenient and designed to speed up and simplify weight loss!

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The 3 Phases of Selvera
Weight Loss


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Weight Loss PhaseIn-program adjustments – Selvera's experts work with you to make adjustments during your weight-loss program. If what you're doing isn't working, we'll change it.

TransitionLearning to live healthy for life – once you've lost the weight, Selvera really shines. We'll provide the information and guidance you need to develop small actions into healthy habits that last a lifetime.

PreservationMost people – as much as 95%, according to some studies – regain all lost weight. To counter this, Selvera will be right there with you long after you’ve achieved your weight-loss goal, proactively engaging with you to prevent weight regain. Whatever happens after your weight loss, we’ll be there to celebrate your success, provide an encouraging word at just the right time, or, if necessary, a kick in the butt to get back into gear.