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Getting Started

How Selvera Works

Weight Loss that Works & Lasts

At Selvera, it’s not just about losing weight, it’s about keeping it off. Our program was designed to help you make lasting habit changes that empower you to keep the weight off for life. Using proprietary cognitive behavioral therapy techniques, your Registered Dietitian will help you conquer your most challenging obstacles while providing the strategies and support you need to establish lifelong healthy living habits.

Proven, Evidence-Based Weight Loss

Selvera was designed by physicians, psychiatrists, and Registered Dietitians, all leading experts in weight loss and maintenance, following an exhaustive review of available clinical research. Selvera used this clinical evidence – methodologies that have been proven in clinical trials to result in weight loss and maintenance – to develop our program. Selvera relies on tools, technologies, and methods that are unavailable in any other weight management program to achieve unmatched results. Over 90% of Selvera clients are losing weight and keeping it off. If you’re ready for a real solution, call us today to learn more.

Expert Counseling


When you join Selvera, you are paired with a Registered Dietitian who will consult with you weekly or biweekly via phone or video conference. Your dietian will create meal plans, grocery shopping lists, excercise routines and will help you develop lasting healthy habits.

All of your consultations are tracked by your dietitian and notes are available on your Selvera App. See the Consultation Guide for instructions on how to see your consultation history and schedule a new consultation on your Selvera App.

What Is a Dietitian

Registered Dietitians, or RDs, are the food and nutrition experts who develop practical solutions for weight loss and healthy living. RDs use their nutrition expertise and clincial training to help individuals make unique, positive lifestyle changes. They are nationally credentialed and maintain a state license. At Selvera, dietitians work with you every step of your weight loss process to ensure you are losing weight in a healthy and manageable way.

Other Fun Facts

At Selvera, all of our registered dietitians are required to hold a Masters Degree, or higher, and to have completed a clinical rotation (ex. worked in a hospital).

Selvera Dietitians are trained to support and coordinate the care of a physician or medical specialist, if you are being treated, or have been diagnosed with a medical condition (including diabetes, cardiovascular disease or sleep apnea). Before starting Selvera or any weightloss program please consult your primary care physician.

Meals, Food, and Weight Loss


Working with your Registered Dietitian, you can choose to take advantage of Selvera’s curated line of home-delivered meals. Our delicious meals are convenient and designed to speed up and simplify weight loss! The meal plans come with Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and two daily snacks

Meal and Snack options include cereals, oatmeal, breakfast smoothies, soups, pastas, protein bars and shakes, as well as crunchy, salty or sweet snacks!

Weight Loss Expectations

We personalize each individual program to set and achieve realistic and achievable weight loss goals in a healthy and steady way. Call a Selvera Dietitian today to learn how much weight you can expect to lose!

Food Allergies, Intolerances and Preferances

Your Dietitian will design a complete nutrition and exercise plan to suit your lifestyle. He or she will work within any dietary or religious restrictions.

Smart Scale, Activity & Sleep Tracker, and Mobile App

Smart Scale and Activity & Sleep Tracker

Each Selvera plan includes a Selvera Smart Scale and Selvera Activity & Sleep Tracker. Both devices sync to your Selvera App via bluetooth (aka Magic!) and record your progress. Your Dietitian has access to all of this data and will use the information to continuously improve your weight loss program.

You can sync devices from other companies through the Selvera app on the "My Account" page. Hit "Sync" and to update your information and display the last time the device was synced with Selvera.

Technical Requirements

In order to use the Selvera Mobile App, Smart Scale and/ Activity & Sleep Tracker, you will need to have a smart phone. Smart phones that are compatible with Selvera products include most Android Devices and iPhone 4 and higher.
While visiting the Selvera website on your browser please use a recent version of google Chrome, Safari, Firefox or IE version 10, or above.

Enrollment and Membership


There are two pricing plans for the Selvera program. The Support plan and the Complete plan.

The Support plan is $99 per month. This includes a weekly consultation with a registered dietitian, your own personal Selvera Scale and Selvera Activity & Sleep Tracker.

The Complete plan is $99 per month and also includes the Selvera Scale and Selvera Activity & Sleep Tracker. The Complete plan also includes all of your meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner and two daily snacks) for an additional $99 per week.


To register for the Selvera program please visit and click the "Join Now" button. And then select "Getting Started!" This will bring you through the process of registering for an account with Selvera


Please review our terms and conditions, including our cancellation policy.

Selvera requires an initial three month commitment. After the first three months, you can cancel your Selvera subscription anytime for any reason with no cancellation fees.