The Last Weight Management Program You Will Ever Need

Why Choose Selvera?

Weight Loss that Works & Lasts

At Selvera, it’s not just about losing weight, it’s about keeping it off. Our program was designed to help you make lasting habit changes that empower you to keep the weight off for life. Using proprietary cognitive behavioral therapy techniques, your Registered Dietitian will help you conquer your most challenging obstacles while providing the strategies and support you need to establish lifelong healthy living habits.

How Selvera is Different

Proven, Evidence-Based Weight Loss

Selvera was designed by physicians, psychiatrists, and Registered Dietitians, all leading experts in weight loss and maintenance, following an exhaustive review of available clinical research. Selvera used this clinical evidence – methodologies that have been proven in clinical trials to result in weight loss and maintenance – to develop our program. Selvera relies on tools, technologies, and methods that are unavailable in any other weight management program to achieve unmatched results. Over 90% of Selvera clients are losing weight and keeping it off. If you’re ready for a real solution, call us today to learn more.